Monday, January 25, 2010


So I've been asked how this is going... it's going.  It's not going as well as I had hoped, but it's going better than I had expected!

Michael and I are doing "The Love Dare" at church with a few other couples... some married 40+ years, some 50+ years, and some only a few years. :)  It's been a blessing.  My mother has been taking the children so we can go.  They have a fabulous time, and so do we! :)  I am learning more about love, how much I love Michael, and how to best serve himas I am called.  So diligence fits in! :)

I'm trying to declutter the house.  I'm not so diligent at that, but we did donate out two med. sized boxes of toys to the CP Foundation.  So it's a start.

I've been more diligent in my business, creating samples, and preparing ahead for classes and workshops.  I'm so hoping to get it really going, I just need to figure out a schedule with this crazy work schedule of mine! :)

So that's it :)  Fornow...

Oh, and for ME I'mmaking a TO DO LIST for the next 2 hours:
  • make spagehtti sauce
  • sweep kitchen floors
  • empty dishwasher
  • fill dishwasher
  • make pasta for supper, salad, and cook ground beast
  • wash and chop veggies for the week
  • tidy living room
  • greet Michael enthusiasticaly when he gets home :)

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