Thursday, March 1, 2007

...and they're off!

I bet nobody is up reading this .... but who would be at 3:42am? Not me normally. But today Mike and the bigger kids are going north to go ice-fishing. They left about 15 minutes ago. I'm such a sucky baby... I hate it when they go away. I have to admit that I did SO much better this time than in years past. I used to be sad for days before departure. This year, I cried a bit last night at bedtime for the kids, and kept it in check till just JA and Mike were walking out the door.

JA is taking a journal from school that she will write in daily, so she can report back to her class on Monday! She is thrilled to be doing that special activity assigned by her teacher (I hope they let US keep it when she returns!).

Zachary was just sad to leave the cat. LOL It's his first trip. They have to be four to go. He made it by just over a week!

So, I'm home alone with Sophia (and the cat). I do have plans to help fill my time while they are gone. I am wall papering the girls bedroom, I'm going to the church ladies meeting tonite (if my Dad will babysit!), tomorrow, more wallpapering I suspect. Tomorrow evening I'm going to the USA with my mom and her 2 friends, and Sophia. Saturday... finish papering LOL (do you sense a theme?!)... Mom and I are going out for lunch with a long time friend. I'm also hosting an online crop/challenge weekend at a yahoogroup (I say that loosely, it's just something to help me get some of my own scrapping done LOL!)... Sunday is church and then they come home!!! It's only Thursday... but Sunday is a comin'!!

Zachary was funny yesterday... we were talking about them going up north, and he thought they were going to the North Pole! Sorry bud, not this time! LOL! It has been a week of "are we going ice-fishing today!?" Zachary wanted to know if they were going to go float out on the ice and fish. What a hoot. Sorry Zach-a-doo... there had better not be floating ice! :)

I made the kids each a card, just a simple white card with their names stamped on the front. I included a bunch of Tootsie pops for them to share with their cousins. I baked a huge amount of chocolate chip cookies for them to take with them too. Mike has the DVD player, I figured out how to hang the darned thing so that everyone can see! The kid have several books, their favourite blankets, sleeping buddies, and pillows. New long underwear was purchased just for this event! :)

Well, as per Mike's request, I should head back to bed. Sophia will be up before I know it... and there's no resting when she's up! I"m sure I'll have more to report as the day goes by :)

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Anna said...

Hi KA!

Hope your gang got home all right. Did they bring you any fish?