Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. I looked at some daffodils poking out in my garden today, and was reminded of our wedding day, and how at our photo shoot a few dafs were peeking out then too! That was such a nice little blessing from God that day (it had snowed a LOT two weeks previous to our wedding, I was a wreck thinking our day would be soooo cold and snowy! lol!!)

I'm a little sad tho... nobody remembered. Ok, Mike did, and I guess that is what is important, right? :D It's just been a rough week... but the EASTER WEEKEND is coming!! Spending time at church, with family, and remembering the huge sacrifice that Jesus made for us so long ago... Tonite at Sparks ( we made resurrection cookies. The kids first smashed and bashed some pecans to sybolize the beating that Christ took. Next the kids got to sniff some vinegar to see if they would like to drink it, as Christ was offered vinegar to drink while suffering on the cross. Next they saw some egg whites, symbolic of the life Christ gave for us. Next they tasted some salt... oh the reactions!! The salt symbolized the tears that Jesus shed for us while he was on the cross. Next they tasted sugar... how sweet the reward for those who accept Christ and what he did for us! We put it all in a mixer, and made merangues. While we played games and said our verses, the merangues puffed up, and VOILA... empty tombs for snack!!! The kids LOVED the activity! Altho they didn't all love the cookies. LOL

So back to our wedding anniversary... we may head out for supper on Saturday, but that would require a sitter, so we'll have to rethink that one. LOL

Here are a couple pages from my wedding scrapbook (a work in progress still) to commemorate the day :)

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ndirickx said...

Happy Anniversary Kristi Anna!
And Happy Easter too!
I hope you find a sitter for Saturday so you can celebrate your wedding anniversary. Email me or did you loose my email address? Nicole (in St. Catharines)

Kristi-Anna said...

Nicole... I can't find your email! I can't click on you and email you now either. Strange. Please email me again asap! :)


Kimmie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! lovely LO's!