Sunday, October 28, 2007

So, it's my birthday.

Yup. Just my birthday. Nothing special going on today (and nobody really remembered too, which was sad for me). Went to church, had a nap, and we all went to a birthday party for someone else. So I had a meal cooked for me (sadly it wasn't the best I've ever had, catered, so nobody is offended!), and a piece of cake (so no temptation to eat the leftover cake in my fridge!).

Michael bought me a cell phone - a pink flip phone! I have been eyeballing it for many months now. So he saved up and purchased it for me :) What a guy (who is playing with it now! LOL!) Now to get a phone number and whatnot, and we are good to go!!

So, JA had me pegged at 43 for just a moment today... ahem... try switching those numbers sweetie pie! LOL!

This Friday we are going to a murder mystery dinner fundraiser for the pre-school that Sophia goes to. That should be a lot of fun I think! I know the catering that is happening there is fabulous!! :D

So I'm off to scrapbook, since I seem to have found Mo and Jo this weekend! LOL!


•J•O•A•N• said...

i remembered! check your facebook! i even said happy birthday to you before i said it to my own sister! and i'll say it again!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Jennifer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY....sorry it's late! Oooh, a new phone...that's what I got for my birthday, and I love it :) Enjoy the scrapping! :)