Friday, February 29, 2008


Last night I took JA and Z to the Niagara Ice Dogs game. Port Weller School had a night out with the Ice Dogs. Apparently, our grade 8 teacher is also a Scout for the Dogs! We had EXCELLENT seats sitting right behind and a little to the left of the goalie. Lots of action for sure! Unfortunately, we did NOT have a good parking space, and had to walk quite a ways in the cold! Good exercise I suppose :) We lost the game, to the Brampton Battalion (which Zachary referred to as the "Bad Heads" instead of Battalion LOL). There was a huge fight at the other end of the ice, and while we missed it up close, there was wreckage afterwards - gloves, helmets, sticks on the ice... and one guy even got 'jerseyed.' Lots of 10min game misconduct penalties. It was fun tho!! :)

Tomorrow is a big day... well, a LONG day, and busy!! Z has a birthday party, JA has bowling, I have a photography class at The Scrapping Nook which is going to be awesome!!

We are going to FLA next week, and are preparing for that. I'm a little anxious, but I always get this way before going on a trip, be it for a week away or a day! LOL!

Have a great weekend!!

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