Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mmmmm, brownie cheesecake!!

This past Friday night, our elementary school (Port Weller) held their 2nd annual Trivia Night/Silent Auction! What a blast!! We had a table filled with some of our friends, and we laughed and laughed all night long. :)

One part of the evening was a Cake Auction. Several cakes were donated by local bakeries/chocolatiers, and several were baked by Port Weller School Moms. I was one of those moms!! I made the most delightful brownie cheesecake pictured here. It's a brownie bottom, cheesecake middle, covered in dark chocolate ganache, small brownie triangles 'dominoed' around the top rim, and drizzled with caramel! YUM!! I got some crumbs, so I knew it tasted good. My cake sold for SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!! I was boggled!! It was the highest selling cake in the place (one item went for 100$, but it was a 90$ fruit 'basket' of sorts from Edible Art, so professionally done!). The bidding was a frenzy!! Our table ended up bidding on and winning a chocolate mocha delightful something or other... VERY TASTY!!! Oh but I'm SO excited that my cake went for so much money!!! :D The ladies that bought it said it was very good... I know them, so they may have just been polite, but I think it WAS good!! :D

....and yes, Mark and John... I will make another one for US!

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