Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy New Year!! :D

So this Tuesday at TOPS we had our first meeting with our new executive. It was excellent to see some new and refreshed faces at the front! :)

The girls planned a 'New Year's" bash type of night for us. It's the start of a new TOPS year, so what better way to start? Koby spoke about resolutions. We talked about what they are, why we make them, why we succeed or fail, and how we can achieve success this year!! She challenged us to write down a few goals on a piece of paper, seal it into an envelope and hand it in. We'll get them back at the end of June, and see how we made out.

So, I'd like to share my goals with my readers. I'd love if you would comment on them, or just drop a line to reprimand me encourage me when I do or don't make the time to achieve them!! My success depends mostly on me, but also from the support of those around me.

Without further ado, here are my four goals for this quarter:
  1. eat more veggies
  2. get to Curves 3X a week
  3. walk 5000 steps in a day
  4. lost 10 lbs.
They don't seem unmanageable, and they even look achievable! I do want to increase my steps as the quarter goes on, but for now, I'm content with 5K.



•J•O•A•N• said...

it's so great that you're part of an encouraging community to help you along the way. i suggest taking a picture of yourself in as little clothing as you feel comfortable and filing that away until after the quarter as well. it's hard to see any change day by day, but keep it until the end of your quarter it'll be another victory to celebrate. again, congratulations on all of the progress that you've made!

Gaspegirl said...

Way to go! I know that you will suceed as long as you maintain that positive outlook ;) Long time to write... hope you are doing well!