Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Seven!

I missed it last week, so I thought I'd actually get it out on Sunday this time :D

  1. Today is Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, WHAT AN AMAZING THING!! To know that God sent his Son, that he died, and that he arose!! WHOOHOO!
  2. For Sophia's theological soundness - Jesus died on the cross for our sins, because we don't need them anymore. Ok, not so sound, but so on the button!
  3. For eleven extremely wonderful years with my wonderful husband (April 4th)
  4. For going out to dinner, sans kids, to celebrate our anniversary.
  5. For cold/sinus meds that make it possible for me to function and sleep.
  6. For a fun time doing our egg hunt this morning before church.
  7. For the cute 'belle' type dresses for the girls, pics forthcoming :)

1 comment:

The Lee Family said...

Happy Anniversary!
I look forward to pictures of the girls - can't believe how BIG they are! :)
Happy Easter!