Friday, April 24, 2009

Heading to the Great Wolf Lodge!!

WHOOHOOO!! Two exciting weekends in a row for me!! (the other being my scrappin' retreat next weekend)

A few weeks ago, Zachary won a trip to GWL on the radio. I'm so glad the day has FINALLY come, as I'm tired of them asking when we are going! LOL!

I'm just packing up swim suits (got me two new ones that I LOVE!)... snacks, lunch stuff, etc. I will zip to school for lunch duty and bring JA home with me (she doesn't know she's checkin' out early from school, so that's gonna be a fun surprise!)... then we are off!!

Our pkg includes the hotel room, two days of swimming fun, a Pizza Hut Pizza party tonite, breakfast at the Antler room tomorrow, and FUN FUN FUN!!!! WHOOOHOOO!!

Here's a couple pics from our last trip there, that JA won on the same radio station! (Nov 07)

...then yesterday...
So I took the kids to school, everyone looked and felt fine. I returned for lunch duty and JA has this bright red splotch under her right eye, like she got hit with something. Apparently not. She touched it and it hurt. Then it started to burn. Then over the course of recess, it spread down her cheek a bit, onto her upper eyelid, and then on to the other side under her left eye.

She walked home from school with her friend, and one of those swarmy bugs (you know the ones... ew, gag) landed on her face right on the red spot, and she came in freaking out and crying that her face was burning!! Oh great. I dosed her with some Motrin to help with the pain, which it did for a few hours... did a few errands, dropped off food for our friends, picked up other kids, pre-bowled, then home for supper. I zipped her to the walk in, and it's a 'touch' thing... she must've touched something or someone, or perfume in the air or something. Ugh. So she's got cortizone cream for it, twice a day. It sucks, as ANYTHING that touches it hurts, including water!!

We are going to the GWL today... so I got her some vaseline to put on the affected areas to help keep the water from touching it... Good grief, what else can go wrong?!

BUT we will have a great time :D

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