Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All about Awards

Bowling awards and Awana awards, all in the same week. April 29th saw Zachary and Sophia finishing their school year bowling league. After lunch duty I met up with Grampa, kids and Michael at the bowling alley. The kids got a snack of hotdogs, chips and a drink, oh and their two tim bits! LOL! Each team got a trophy for participating, and they had awards for high single for a girl and for a boy. I’ll have to go back and look at the pictures and trophy’s to see who won what! The kids have such a good time at bowling, and *I* love it b/c it gives me an hour or so after lunch duty to come home and rest or get things done that I can’t do while the kids are underfoot.

That same night we had our Awana awards potluck. It was extremely well attended!! We ended up having to set up extra tables, as more folks than we thought came! Lots of good food, and fellowship was had. Reid’s family came, Heather’s Family, Kendra’s family (all families we introduced to AWANA). Each group sang a song or two, and said some Scripture.

Here are the Cubbies and Sparks singing "Peter, James and John in A Sailboat" and "My God is So Big!"

Sophia graduated from Cubbies this year, getting her 2nd book award ribbon, attendance award, Sunday school award, and she was the Clubber of the Year!! Way to go Sophia! She is beyond excited to be moving on to Sparks in September!

Zachary finished his first year of Sparks. He got his first year book award, Sunday school, and attendance awards. I am SO impressed with my son this year!! He learned to read, and read well, in school (and at home!) and that helped immensely with the learning of his verses. He has a great memory, which was proven when he could remember verses from months previous! Way to go Zachary!! (sorry, no good photos of Zachary!)

JA finished her first year of T&T (Truth & Training). After much prodding, she also finished her book. I think she did the last 2 full discoveries in 3 weeks time!! Maybe she’ll remember that for next year and work a little every week... there is more in the 2nd year book, so I may start to remind her in September of that! LOL She got her first book award ribbon, Sunday School and attendance stickers. Way to go JA!!

JA’s friend Kendra also put the push on at the end of the year and got her book done! Way to go Kendra! Reid also worked hard this year, but did not complete his book. He can continue to work on it next year. HOWEVER... he did get two awards the other girls didn’t get – perfect attendance, and Clubber of the Year!! Way to go Reid!

We are so pleased to be involved in the Awana program. I did it as a child (Sparks on up to the end of grade 8). I have my awards still! LOL The club has changed quite a bit since my day, but it has only improved and stayed relevant to the kids. Michael and I are both Sparks leaders, and will continue in that roll next year.  It’s nice to have a break, and for the first time in YEARS we have NOTHING to do on Wednesday nights!! Since before we got married we have had youth, or Awana, or soccer or something going on Wed nights... it’s almost weird... almost. We are enjoying the midweek break.

On Saturday, May 2nd, JA had her bowling awards. I zipped in from the retreat to attend. I know that next year I will not come right away for 10am!! They bowled glow in the dark bowling for an hour or so before they moved on to eating and awards. It was loud. I hadn’t had much sleep the night before. LOL She enjoyed the glow bowling a lot! After that, they had pizza and then awards. JA’s team came in 4th place overall, which isn’t too bad considering two of her team were new to ten pin bowling this year. Julie-Anna was the bowler of the year for her division, as she bowled 106 pins over her average at the tournament! Way to go JA!! The girls all did well this year and had oodles of fun. However, we are also enjoying the break of NOTHING happening on Saturday mornings... leaving us free for camping and visits to Muskoka! 

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