Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oil Changes, laptops, and stuff

I am finally getting to posting some blog entries I wrote last week! LOL!

Aren’t laptops great? I’m sitting here at Niagara Motors getting my free oil change. They called several weeks ago, trying to lure us back to their service department. Michael said we’d probably not be back. They asked what they could do to bring us in, would a free oil change do it? Of course, free always is the best kind of service! We needed an oil change anyway, so why not?! So here I sit, wishing I could connect to the ‘net and post to my blog, and check on a few things, but alas, no WiFi here. The network is not secure here, but you have to have a login to get anywhere. Drag. Oh well, Word is just as good to get things done that I need or want to get done in the next 25 minutes.

This is our second trip to a dealer with our van. Last week it was in to John Bear. the tune of $414.00. Last year sometime, probably early Spring, I broke the window switch for the driver side door window. No up. No down. Just annoying and hot. The passenger side switch on the driver door worked, but that’s it. I thought we could live with it. Spring got warmer, but not enough to warrant the air conditioning. Then I went through a drive through. What a pain!! So we lived like that for over a year. Our new neighbour is a retired mechanic. He got us a new switch at the wreckers. Michael installed it. WHOOHOOO.... the window went down. UGH.... the window would not go back up! We thought a window stuck up was bad, a window stuck down is oh so much worse... and it rained. So we lived with plastic on the window at night to keep out rain and bugs... and drove FREEZING cold as it was too flappy having the plastic on the window. So we took the van to John Bear. Another mechanic told us it was the motor, but it turns out it was the switch – defective from the wrecker. So we got a new switch, they fixed some wiring, and we are good to go!! Old habits are hard to break tho, and when someone came to talk to me through the window my automatic reaction was to open the door! LOL!

We are heading to Ottawa for the Tulip Festival this Friday. The oil change was WAY past due, so we are gearing all up to go. It should be a great time... we’ll take in the festival, visit with family, the men are going to see Star Trek, the girls will do their hair. We are going to go to Hull, Quebec to the Museum of Civilization where they have an amazing children’s museum. We’ll go with our relatives, and meet up with some friends and their children as well. Should be a GREAT day! This is our 9th Tulip Festival. We went the first time when JA was only 7 months old, and have not missed a trip since. We have been twice for other occasions (Canada Day 2000, and for Mark and April’s wedding in August of 2001.) The kids would not hear of missing it this year. We are going to drive down (over? Up?) through the USA, and do a little bit of shopping. We have to have passports starting June 1, so we’ll try to get as much in over there as possible before then!! LOL

OK, I think I’ll post another blog entry about our Mother’s Day scenic trip. I still need to post about Destination Create as well!! :)

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