Friday, October 23, 2009

One week down

...two to go!

Michael signed up for the Job Finders Club through EI. It started this week. It's insane the schedule I am keeping! With all the stress going on, with a friends Mom passing away suddenly on Sunday, and then Brian and Stephanie's baby Dean not living past birth, it's just been awful.

However, I thought that today I would post 7 things I am thankful for, in spite of all that is going on.
  1. There are no children or parents sick in our house, despite all kinds of our friends being sick!
  2. I had a GREAT hostess club get together last night!
  3. I have been spending a lot of time, b/c Michael is 'letting me', making cards and other paper crafting things to put in the craft shows I am in during November.
  4. For a supportive school during our time of unemployment, and the breakfast club they started up three weeks ago!
  5. For the little job I have with the school board, that will help keep us afloat until God provides us with a job.
  6. The furnace. It's cold outside today!
  7. Pizza night... which has moved to tomorrow! Every Friday is family movie/homemade pizza night :) Gotta love it!
  8. Ok, I said 7, but really, there ar emore, but I had to share this last one. For Michael. Because he loves me. Because he loves our children. Even when we drive him around the bend!

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