Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apparently I've been remiss... posting about my children! LOL!

There's not much going on with us, just the same old same old. I should have posted about birthday's, and I forgot. I coul do that now I suppose.

JA turned NINE - um, not sure how that happened, but all Mother's say that! I will say that when she's fifty I'm sure! LOL She chose to have an unsleep-over party. All the girlies came in their jammies and brought their pillows.

We played musical pillows, and pin the blankie on the bed. We had pizza, pop, chips and carrots with dip for supper. The girls watched "17 Again" whichin hindsight was NOT the best movie, but c'est la vie. She was spoiled rotten!! Lots of money, which she is spending pretty carefully :)

I made a cake shaped like a bed... and it was SO delish!! I got the recipe from my friend Bernadette and it was fabulous!

I had fun making it, but I think any aspirations to be a cake lady have vanished! If I had a better kitchen, and kids who didn't want to always HELP.... but no, I'm doing the paper crafting thing, and that is fine with me :)

Happy Birthday Baby girl!! :)

AND it's my birthday on Wednesday... so maybe I will post then too :D

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