Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tom the Turkey in trouble with the law!

Indeed it is true, I saw Tom in serious trouble this morning!

In the spring, we had a flock of turkey's living on our street. We had Tom and his harem. I never did get a photo of his women, but we got some photos of Tom. He would roam the streets, zip into our front and back yards, fly up to our roof tops, etc. The neighbours would comment, take photos, watch for the turkey.

Me?! Scared spitless! I would quake with fear every time Tom ventured into our yard or driveway. I would panic that he'd come up to the porch, ortrap me somewhere - at the bus, on the porch and I would miss the kids getting off the bus, you name it!! LOL! Yes, I am terrified of birds of all kinds, and Tom is BIG!!!

Fast forward to today. Tom is bigger still!! He and his harem have left our neighbourhood b/c one of the neighbours chased him with a big stick. Other neighbours were not so happy to have him go... but secretly I cheered for the big stick weilding neighbour! LOL! :) So Tom has been hanging out near Geneva and Lakeshore, two main roads that are quite busy. I pass by those streets M-F on my way to school. I have seen Tom wandering from yard to yard.

Today, I am driving down Lakeshore, and Isee blue flashing lights. I think to myself that it must be an accident. Nope. As I approached the cruiser, I see another car, and think "phew, not me getting a speeding ticket!" Btw, I don't *usually* speed, so no worries. I get closer, nope, not a speeder, another cruiser! They are both ont he side of the road, BLOCKING IN TOM!! I laughed so hard!! I could see one cruiser door open... I'm not sure what they thought they would accomplish... arrest him? I think they have tried to move him before, but he ALWAYS comes back! LOL So I expect to see him on the Most Wanted list soon!! LOL

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