Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

Mike took me on a date tonite. We went to the late show (I fell asleep part way thru the movie, but didn't miss much! LOL!). We went to see the last of the Jason Bourne movies. IT was a great movie, and we'll buy it to add to the other two when the DVD is released.

It was so nice to go out just the two of us... it doesn't happen nearly often enuf.

Do you do a date night? Is it regular? Do you eat out, or just do something fun together? Let me know!! :D


Holly A said...

We don't find the time (or the sitter) for date nights very often, but when we do and we try to go to a movie, I have been known to fall asleep, too! :-)

gurlygurl said...

We went out on the weekend with my siblings for drinks, but other then that, it's been a while. Even when my parents take the kids for the night, I don't think we go out. I am anchoring for a night out with the hubby. We are going to go see Mr. Bean. He makes me giggle.