Monday, June 16, 2008

Sparks Camp!!

Our children all attend the Awana Program. Zachary and Sophia were both Cubbies this year (3 and 4 year olds) and Julie-Anna has been a Spark for the past 3 years (and Cubbie for the 2 years before that!). Upon completion of their 3rd book in Sparks, they earn a trip to Sparks Camp-A-Rama! So this past Saturday we teamed up with another little girl (Emily) and her Mom (Millie) and drove to Cambridge to attend the camp day. It was a lot of fun! The sun wasn't too hot, and the mosquitoes were only slightly less than all the armies of the world. Can you tell I don't like mosquitoes, but they sure loved me!!!

There were two teams of approx 15 Sparks each, so each group did their own thing all day, to avoid congestion! Camp consisted of opening ceremonies, game time (we played Crows and Cranes, Rabbit in the Hole - which is dodgeball, did an obstacle course, and some other game with balls and stuff, which I don't know the name of!). We split off after that, and the RED TEAM went to a Bible lesson time with Mr. Mike. After that we zipped over to make a placemat. The kids had to colour the front, and on the back they mac tacked on some leaves and flowers from the nearby forrest. After that was lunch! Lunch was a hotdog (or two!), a wee bag of chips, drink box, a little cup of baby carrots (Way to go Sparkie leaders!), and a big M & M cookie!! After lunch we went on a Sparkie Hike. Ok, so I went. I listend as Mr. Froom talked about nature and whatnot. Then we left the little clearing to go hiking. I need to preface that I had lubed up TWICE with bug spray. When we got into the forrest, Mr. Froom found these cool 'popping flowers' whichwe had fun popping. Then we got deeper into the forrest. That's when I nearly got carried out by the mosquitoes! Holy Hannah they were out in full force! I was dancing, and itching and going crazy. So I abandoned Julie-Anna asked Emily's mom to keep her eye on JA and I left the forrest rather quickly! :D

After the hike, where the girls collected up a little bunch of burrs of all things, we zipped into the screened in cabin for a Bible lesson, songs, and fun!! "Trickey Mickey" was the speaker, and he so kept their attention. He is a 'magician' teaching Bible stories. The lesson was "God Loves Our Enemies" and he taught the story of Jonah with some cool tricks thrown in, some word games, and activities. The kids really enjoyed him! I enjoyed him!! LOL! All the kids got a treat at the end of the day as a reward for the 4 Up's - Sit up, Listen Up, Look Up and ZIP UP!!! LOVE IT!!

We headed home after that, and the two girls conked out in the back seat about 30+ mins from home! As much as I had a good time, MICHAEL will be taking Zachary when it's his turn! LOL!

Here are a few photos from the day!
Mommy and JA

Lots of games!

JA and her new friend

Silly girls and their burrs!

This Bible started off with blank pages. Next it had line drawings. Lastly the line drawings were all coloured in! The kids were wowed!

The lesson about Jonah.

We saw a turtle on the camp road on our way out. So we stopped to take photos and rescue it! The girls freaked when it peed on Emily! LOL!

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Katrina said...

Very cool. I followed your link and saw that kids can start as early as 2...maybe I can get Eliana into something like parents attend every meeting? That would be kinda tricky with the baby I think..